Grow your business through your fans.

Our platform helps you unleash the potential of your fans, engaging your community and promoting the sharing of your business.

How it works:


You register your own brand that you want to grow, which can be your name, a brand in creation or a brand already under development.


You invite your closest fans and partners to access the platform and create their accounts by signing up as a fan of your brand.


You can then make these closer fans and partners as super-fans users of the platform, giving them the opportunity to create their own interactions and content supporting your brand.


Now you can manage your group through a gamified scoring process and invite them to do activities like creating articles, enjoying articles, commenting and telling third parties these articles.


You then register directly in your brand what award the super-fans you perform best for each desired period and also what your expectation for a fan to become super-fan and join the super-fans community.

RaiseHands ranks the behavior of super-fans in order to encourage their involvement and enable you as a brand administrator to reward the behavior of the super-fans. At the same time RaiseHands ranks the best engagement of RaiseHands brands to encourage Brands' managers to copy the best strategies.

Inspire yourself in big companies:


A Beckon study found that content production by brands has increased by 300% over a period of 12 months. But only 5 percent of that content was effective in building engagement. The report further pointed out that around 19 out of 20 pieces of content today have little or no engagement.

As people's trust in brands is waning, they are becoming more and more dependent on recommendations from other sources they trust. Those sources can be a peer, a family member, a friend, or someone else they trust for reliable information.

Who we are:

A technology startup in Florianópolis, made up of innovative people who are building the first platform for personal, niche or small business brand defense on a social digital platform, and still gamified with crypto coin.

Digital marketing based on content SEO and social networking is running out, and the reason for this is that too many alternative content sources are destroying the opportunity to offline and online mass interruption marketing.

Group-based and word-of-mouth marketing is regaining a sense of belonging and personal satisfaction, and we are helping this to happen by engaging people with innovative new brands.